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A comedic turn by B.B. King

Posted by dlockeretz on May 15, 2015

Years ago a friend and I were discussing the one artist whom we would see live if we could only pick one. My friend was a self-described “illiterate folk musician” who introduced me to some new ideas, such as the fact that jazz snobs like me might actually be able to learn something from pop and rock musicians. As he was influenced by world music, I expected him to name an Afro-Pop artist I’d never heard of; perhaps an obscure punk or New Wave band whose quirkiness appealed to him. His answer was, “B.B. King.” After pausing for a moment he added, “Solo guitar.”

As it turned out, neither of us would ever hear B.B. King perform in his lifetime; as of this writing the last concert we attended together was Kitaro (but that’s a story for another day).

I can’t say anything about B.B. that hasn’t already been said and my credentials as a fan are rather thin. “Riding with the King”, his record with Eric Clapton from 2000, is a personal favorite of mine but I know it’s on the tamer side of his oeuvre.

What I can do however is share a lesser known performance of his that I’ve always loved – even though he never plays a single note. Here’s B.B. King in the film “Amazon Women on the Moon.”

Thank you for the music B.B. – and the laughs. We’ll take good care of Lucille for you.


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