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Rock Spider!

Posted by dlockeretz on June 11, 2014

There’s a new kind of music on the Web, but it’s not available on Spotify, Pandora or Youtube.  It’s not the World Wide Web we’re talking about either.

Music is the universal language, transcending not only culture and time, but sometimes even species.  Whales utilize songs to communicate; Peter Gabriel has taught a chimpanzee how to play the piano.  Now we have anther example of music used by a different species – the spider.

According to an NPR story, spiders tune the strands of their web, tightening and loosening them as one would a guitar.   Just as a guitarist knows (well, hopefully they do) when their string is in tune, so too a spider can instinctively tell if a thread is at the right tension and adjust it accordingly.  They can read the vibrations created when a fly hits the web, thus enabling them to locate prey.  They can also tell if the vibration is caused by a potential mate’s entrance, proving that humans aren’t the only species that can use music as a way of getting lucky.


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