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The Goldberg Variation: A New Take on the L.A. Music Scene

Posted by dlockeretz on January 20, 2012

Everybody know that the music business sucks–especially in L.A.–but it’s not often that we see someone proposing any kind of solution.  There are those who refuse to play for free or for marginal pay; there are those who jump on those gigs and even buy tickets to their own shows.

In a recent article, L.A. musician Dave Goldberg doesn’t offer any kind of magic solution, but he presents an interesting alternative perspective to the musician/club owner conflict.

The crux of Goldberg’s article is that restaurant managers/talent buyers/etc should see good music as a long-term investment.  Even if a band might not bring enough people for the club to show a profit on a given night, Goldberg argues that restaurants should be willing to spend extra for premium entertainment, just as they do for quality food and decorations.  Patrons who come to see a specific band are following the band and not the venue, Goldberg says.  By establishing themselves as a venue for premier entertainment by booking bands based on musical merit rather than draw, a club or restaurant can help their reputation, just as they can with good food and service.

Will restaurant owners buy it?  Will musicians adapt this new perspective when negotiating gigs?  Only time will tell, but props should be given to Goldberg for providing a different angle.  For more information about Dave Goldberg, click here.


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