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Left of the Dial Records, Seal Beach

Posted by dlockeretz on February 21, 2011

Left of the Dial is easy to miss, and had I not decided to stop in the Pavilions store on Pacific Coast Highway in Seal Beach, following a lesson, I might not have found out about it at all.

I estimate the store’s size to be no more than 300 square feet.  The store sells almost entirely vinyl (although there were a few CDs, cassettes and 8-tracks, though I’m not sure if the latter were on sale or just on display).  The stock seemed to be a nice cross-mix of mainstream artists such as the Beach Boys, Earth, Wind & Fire and Bob Dylan, and more obscure stuff (have you ever heard of band called Camel?  I hadn’t).  The store has been open since November.

So why does any of this matter?  Well, it’s always nice to see a small mom & pop type of store opening up, and it’s nice that vinyl is still being bought, sold and traded.  You’re not going to get a “vinyl is better” speech from me, but I am glad to see it available; musicians and audiences always benefit from having more choices.

I know that Left of the Dial faces long odds; most small businesses do.  But it’s nice that someone out there cares enough about music and its history to keep it alive and bring it to new consumers.   Good show, LOTDR!

For more information about Left of the Dial, check out this article.


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