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Gear, Gear & More Gear!

Posted by dlockeretz on January 16, 2011

(Note: the title of this post is based on “Tears, Tears & More Tears”, a cut off the record “The River In Reverse” by Allen Toussaint and Elvis Costello which I have been listening to a lot lately.)

For musicians, January means one thing: NAMM.  The National Association of Musician Merchants holds their famous trade show each January, and musicians from all around the world flock to see the latest gear and perhaps hob-nob with musical celebrities.

I have yet to attend NAMM, but this last Friday I went to what might be considered my own personal version of the show.  I went into the Guitar Center in Fountain Valley, CA and saw two basses which I REALLY want to buy: an Epiphone Flying V (which I think would be especially fun to play with my blues-rock band for the sheer incongruity of it) and a Gretsch archtop-style bass.

A musician walking into GC and ogling gear isn’t exactly news – but for me, it was a step in regaining the positivity I need to bring to my music.  For a while I’ve felt a need to justify purchases (I haven’t bought a new bass for 5 years or a new guitar for 2) but seeing that gear made me feel like a fan again.

Will I show up to my next South Bay Blues Authority gig wielding a Flying V?  Probably not, but it’s nice to know that my gear-craving genes are still intact.


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